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Homeless Court – Craig Wismer / Peoria Times

May 19th, 2015 – Homeless Court.  The subject matter of this column isn’t about a court without a home.  Rather it will describe some challenges homeless individuals face interacting with courts and other parties within the legal system, and one particular remedy that some judges have embraced as a solution that can be mutually acceptable to everyone involved.

Individuals may have a need to interact with a court at one of two points in time:  pre- or post-adjudication of criminal charges.   In the pre-adjudication scenario, the defendant may have yet to appear for his or her Arraignment Proceeding or, once having entered a plea of not guilty, will in the future need to show-up for one or more meetings with the Prosecutor and possibly the Public Defender in what are called Pretrial Conferences.   They may also need to attend a trial.  In the post-adjudication scenario, a judge has already imposed a criminal sentence that may involve a monetary fine..
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