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Answer the call for jury duty – Craig Wismer / Peoria Times

September 9th, 2016 – A little more than a year ago I wrote an article describing an all too common experience for many trial courts—an insufficient numbers of jurors appearing for jury service on the date set for trial, which prevented it from going forward.

In the Arrowhead Justice Court, some measures were implemented to remedy the situation that appears to have obtained the desired result. By that, I mean, so far this year, the matter hasn’t resurfaced. My recollection is that there have been five jury trials during 2016 with another three on the calendar through the remainder of the year. The latter number may increase – every Wednesday, I conduct a Calendar Call, also known as Jury Trial Status Conference, in order to determine if criminal charges involved in any particular case require a resolution by trial, be it bench (trial by judge) or jury (trial by one’s peers)…  Read the rest on