Arrowhead Justice Court Precinct
court-largeThe Arrowhead Justice Court serves the judicial needs of the Northwest Valley. It is located in the City of Surprise near Statler Boulevard and Litchfield Road.

In Maricopa County there are 26 justice precincts, each representing a specific geographical area.  The Arrowhead Precinct includes Sun City, central and northern Peoria and northern Glendale.  A unique aspect of this position within the judiciary is that voters elect Justices of the Peace to office.

Justices of the Peace have jurisdiction over small claims cases where the amount in dispute does not exceed $3,500 and civil cases for an amount not in excess of $10,000.   They also adjudicate matters involving civil and criminal traffic offenses (Speeding, No Evidence of Insurance, Reckless Driving, Driving Under the Influence) as well as misdemeanor criminal offenses such as assault, trespassing, theft, shoplifting, prostitution and criminal damage.  In addition they have subject matter jurisdiction that includes eviction actions, Writs of Garnishment, Orders of Protection, Injunctions against Harassment and Injunctions Against Workplace Harassment.

Justices of the Peace routinely conduct civl and criminal bench trials and the occasional jury trial.

The Arrowhead Justice Court receives approximately 14,000 civil and criminal filings per year.